Stained Concrete Floor Living Room Using Semi Transparent Concrete Stain

We are finishing a long summer project.  We removed old carpet from our home and have stained and sealed our concrete foundation.

It was a fun and exciting project.

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Remember These Ads and Products Fun Walk Down..

Vintage Avon Products Beauty CosmeticsI remember my mom selling Avon in the early seventies.  I had so much fun when she gave me a pen and order pad.  I made pretend orders and play with the sample lipsticks she let me have.

DIY Stained and Sealed Concrete

We had enough of old and ugly carpeting.  What to do?  We decided the most economical way of replacing our carpet was to stain and seal our concrete floor.  

We love it!  Total cost per room $140.00 and easy to do.

Fiestaware Tablescapes and Decorating

I like using my collections in my holiday displays.  From Coke Polar Bears to Fiestaware, I display it during the holidays.

Blue Tanzanite and African Amethyst Themed Senior Graduation Decorations

    Graduation decorations can be easily made for a party or family gathering.  Personalized decorations make a memorable event.  I have used my daughter's favorite colors based on her senior ring to create festive decorations and great mementos.

Glass Cloche In Spring

Fairys, frogs and bunnies.  Glass dome project for spring and Easter was fun to make. 

Mardi Gras Masks From Cardstock and Tissue Paper Craft

How to decorate easily for Mardi Gras.  This fun craft is great for kids and adults.  

Painting With You Tube Tutorials

I have only recently began painting on canvas with acrylics.  It is a relaxing hobby and I find great tutorials on You Tube.

Rock Painting For Mailbox Garden

I place my house number out below my mailbox using these seasonal painted rocks.
I like the curbside appeal of them and had fun painting each season.

German Alpine Dollhouse Theme Decoupage

The most magical place in the world exists in Southern Bavaria, on top of a mountain.  The city of Oberammergau, Germany is beyond quaint.  The buildings, homes and business feature the most beautiful paintings.
Here I added fresco Oberammergau paintings to my Christmas dollhouse.

Christmas Rudolf Painting Fun

Rudolf craft painting with a twist.

Refrigerator Decals, Updating Older Appliances

What to do with a perfectly good appliance that is the wrong color for home decor?  
Chalkboard decals and other contact paper make this problem solvable, fast and easy.

Thanksgiving Decorations Around The House

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect one's blessings, year in retrospect and celebrate with family.  I have had many blessings this year and made new friends.